Bill’s Software

I spend lots of time at the computer; the result is two useful programs (for the Windows PC) which are free for your use.

Please Enjoy…


FotoScrap Album is an easy-to-use program for building PC-viewable photograph scrapbook albums. It has many features not found in other shareware or retail “photo album” programs. The main presumption is that you have lots of digital photographs and digital home movies and you want to easily organize, annotate, and share various parts of that collection.

The current ReadMe.pdf file, including feature summary, installation instructions and a list of recent changes, can always be downloaded here …

Keep checking here, there are always new updates to FotoScrap Album. Now that I have this blog page for distribution, I hope to provide you with frequent updates.

FotoScrap Album download is here


SkyAtNight is a simple sky viewer and perpetual nautical almanac program. While SkyAtNight cannot really be considered finished, it is quite useful (and quite accurate) in its current form. There will probably never be another update for this program.

SkyAtNight download is here


Please report bugs and suggestions to helpdesk (at) 7MileSys (dot) com