Welcome to The SaltWater SoftWare Project - a tiny division of Seven Mile Systems

Who are we ?

Seven Mile Systems has been producing quality software since 1981 for the large-mainframe computer environment (well actually it goes back way before that, but that's when the name got attached).  Bill is pretending to be retired now, so he recently started The SaltWater SoftWare Project to bring his own few bits of quality software into the realm of the Personal Computer.

What do we do ?

Since Bill retired from the mainframe computers arena (or so he likes to think),  we have been traveling around Mexico, and Central and South America in our sailboat Lanikai, visiting historical places, talking with interesting people, and taking lots of pictures.  And of course, he still tries to spend time writing - what else - more computer programs!

You can read all about our travels from December 2006 to the present - here at the LanikaiUnderway Blog.

You can still read all about our travels from 1995 to December 2006 - here at the (old) Lanikai Home Page.

Check these out !!

FotoAlbum  is an easy-to-use program for building PC-viewable Photograph Albums.  Download it!  Try it out!

SkyAtNight  is a simple star viewing guide and perpetual nautical almanac..  Download it!  Try it out!

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