our Travel Map

The map can load fairly slowly, so please be patient.

You can use the hand cursor to pan the map around (hold the left mouse button down and drag), or you can use the arrow buttons in the control panel along the left of the map. You can also use the zoom slider (or the + or buttons) to move closer or further away from the map. If you have a “mouse wheel” you can also use that for zooming.

Double-clicking anywhere on the map will center the map at that point and then zooms “in” two levels. Moving the mouse onto one of the marking pins, the hand turns into a pointing hand. If you then single-click on one of the marking pins, an “info window” will appear with an excerpt of the blog entry text. You can continue to click on additional pins until you encounter something in the excerpt that interests you. Then, to view the entire blog entry, simply click the blue colored headline bar of the info window, or click the “[…]” marker at the end of the excerpt text.

The overview box in the lower right corner can be manipulated too. You can make it go away by clicking the down-right arrow in the corner (and make it come back by clicking the up-left arrow). You can also drag around the blue highlight area in the center for quick, long distance moves. The buttons along the upper right part of the map allow you to choose the mapping presentation you would like to see …

  • Map – Shows a “Street Map”. Up close it certainly shows Streets and other fine detail. Farther out, you see cities and country boundaries.
  • Satellite – Pretty good satellite imagery over almost the entire world. Some areas have amazing detail. Some areas are fairly well obscured by clouds.
  • Hybrid – A combination of both Satellite background and Street Map overlay. Very useful, quite accurate. The default for the LanikaiUnderway blog.
  • Terrain – (New! on 13 Jan 2008) – Shows the geographic terrain. The hills, valleys, mountains and canyons. Borders and some of the larger cities are noted. Interesting, perhaps even informative. And no clouds!

Mapping provided by Google Maps V.2
Learn more about using Google Maps™ mapping service by checking out their web site.