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Back to Tillamook in January

We actually did not get back to Tillamook until late in the month after spending two weeks getting there.  Out first stop had been San Diego to visit Bill’s  brother.  Then on to Lake Forest so that Bill could spend a week actually at work.  He has been working from home for the last three+ years and only makes occasional trips to the plant in Southern California.  This is actually only his second trip there since he started working in October 2011.  While there, we had dinner with Bill’s cousin Kris that he had not seen since he was a child and drove to Carlsbad to have dinner with my brother Rick’s two boys (Brett and Andy) and their family.

My sister Nancy and all of her family were in Oceanside for the following weekend to celebrate Nancy’s birthday.  We joined them and I got to meet up with my nieces and nephew that I had not seen since they were young children and I finally got to meet all of their children who were the ages that I had last seen their parents.  We had a fun family dinner at the Crab Shack at the harbor.

From there we drove to The Dalles, Oregon following much of the old US395 route which kept us on the desert side of the mountains.  We were both surprised at how empty the land was in that area of Northern California and eastern Oregon.  It was a very pretty, peaceful drive thru barren high desert country.  Staying with our friends in The Dalles we caught up on happenings in our old home town.  I did have a lunch with my two sisters that are still living The Dalles and caught up on their happenings before making the final drive to Tillamook and home.

A Weekend with Nicolas

This past weekend Nicolas spent with us, while his folks were in Las Vegas on a short vacation.



Mauricio came over on Friday afternoon and the two boys enjoyed playing outside between the rain showers.  Mauricio finally fell in the mud so they moved indoors.



They played on the Kindle Fire when rolling cars down the stairs got too noisy for Bill while he was trying to work.

Saturday we started at the hardware store and purchased wire for running a heater into Bill’s office.  Then Nicolas and I went under the house to feed the wire and pull down an old unused heater wire to attach it to.  We also pulled down and re-fed the refrigerator wire to move the refrigerator receptacle from Bill’s office into the kitchen.  Dirty and tired, we cleaned up and enjoyed dinner at the Rodeo – a local favorite restaurant.

Sunday after church Mauricio and Aunt Ginger came over and the boys again played inside as it was raining outside.  We did lunch at McDonald’s before Mauricio and Ginger had to return home.

Monday it was off to school for Nicolas and a little after-school homework before I returned him to his own home to await with his older brother and sister – for the return of his parents .

Sure got quiet around the house!!!

FotoScrap Album 1.9v015

Improvements and Bug fixes …

The major new improvement allows for pictures to be automatically converted to PNG (Portable Network Graphics) format before launching an external photo editor program.  This makes it easy use the transparency layer of PNG files to create non-square images.  A highly requested feature.

Other improvements relate to the handling of missing pictures, moving pictures from one folder to another, keeping track of more “recently opened” Album files.

Serious bug fixes improve the handling of WMV movie files, Exporting a page image to JPG file when there are complicated manipulations of PNG files on the page, fixes to Save As and Publish, and the handling of pictures stored in the same folder as (or a sub-folder of) the Album file itself.

The details are all in the ReadMe file.  And, as always, this is the download link – FotoScrap Album 1.9v015

I hope you enjoy this newest version.  We’ll be heading south again to Lanikai, so there won’t be any new changes for a while.

… Bill …

Another Busy Two Weeks

We have had another busy two weeks both working on our new home and enjoying time at the Brill’s.

We have accomplished most of what we hoped to get done on our new house before we head back to Lanikai and the warm southern Mexican waters.


We moved one of the carport supports and removed another, adding a nice beam for strength.  That gave us added width for parking the car and allowed us to create a nice patio out of the rest of the covered area.  Next summer it is in the plans to concrete the floor of the patio area.



We accomplished much indoors as well.  We removed a coat closet from the dining room giving Doreen space for a new Hoosier cabinet.  We also converted the closets in Bill’s office and Doreen’s sewing room into shelves.  The addition of two new heaters with external thermostats will help to keep the house warm this winter.


Jacob's Birthday

We celebrated Jacob’s Birthday with angel-food cake and strawberries.  One of Grandmother’s favorite foods and Jacob’s too.  Jacob is all excited when he opens his birthday gifts of money as now he has enough money to purchase his own computer.  Grandpa Gord and Jacob got online and ordered one that very evening.



Doug had a fishing trip planned for the Wednesday before Bill and I were to leave for Montana, but when he went to pull the boat out of the garage the wheels on the trailer were locked up.  It took most of the day and some heavy prying to get the problem solved.

Bill and I left for Montana on Thursday August 25 to spend a week with Doreen’s parents.  The time here has been much more relaxing with few projects to do, than the last few weeks at home.  We leave Saturday to make the drive home with two stops along the way.

Tillamook County Fair

Tillamook’s fair was held the end of this week and we attended two days.  Bill took Nicolas to the fair on Thursday and they spent much of the time just checking out the many tractors.  They did take several breaks from the tractors for ice cream and elephant ears and to check out the snakes.



Then on Friday, Emily, Gretchen and Doreen spent several hours serving the Tillamook Ice Cream from the 4-H  booth.


After they finished their shift at the ice cream booth, Bill showed up and we spent some time checking out the fair exhibits until time for the Pig&Ford races – which are a blast to watch.  Stripped down model T Fords are raced with the interesting addition that large youngish pigs are hand-carried by the drivers.  The racers line up the vehicles and turn them off.  At the gun they run across the track on foot to gather a pig from the pen located there.  It is then off to the vehicles to give them a good crank and hope for a quick start.  Then around the track they go with the pig held under their arm.  Returning to the pen area they have to stop the vehicle, exchange the pig for another and make a second lap and then a third lap exchanging pigs at each pass of the pen.  Great fun to watch and it looks like the participants were enjoying it as well.

After the fair the four of us went out to dinner as no one was interested in cooking and we were filled up on “fair food”, so we were looking for a good meal.