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Change in the Weather

After much rain both over the last weekend and the first two days of this week (due to another tropical low that slowly drifted through our area) the area started to clear on Wednesday.  Yesterday was a very nice day, and Bill and I scampered off to Bacterias to enjoy an afternoon at the beach.  Today we woke to almost no clouds at all.  It has also been much cooler and more conductive to getting projects done.

Today the refrigeration expert showed up with the parts and pieces to our freezer to get it working again.  It took most of the afternoon, but by dinner time it was running and cooling down with the new-to-us cold plate.  The old cold plate was toast with sea water in one of the set of tubes and a probably leak in the other.  On top of that it literally “blew up” when heat was applied to add a new fitting to test out the tubes.  All is well now.

Tomorrow there are a few loose ends to tie up with that project before we can get shelves back in and stuff that is scattered through out the cabin put away.  It will also take several days to get the thermostat adjusted to where I want it.  We have a new refrigerator thermostat so that I can run the box as a refrigerator and not a freezer as we have no plans for long voyages where the freezer would be useful.

Sail Repair

Bill will finish with the dentist on Thursday morning, so I decided that it was time to uncover the main sail and check it out – as well as to clean the cover of all the accumulated bird droppings.  Checking out the sail I discovered that three of the grommets that hold the sail to the mast slides were bad.  Two were bad enough that it took a little sewing to strengthen the sail before a new grommet could be added.  The chore got done and Bill figured out the trick to getting the tiny shackle to the mast slides reattached, managing to get all four that had been removed, reattached in one shot working over his head.  His arms will notice it later today but for now the cover is back on and the sail is ready to go.

We went to the beach late in the afternoon and enjoyed avocados stuffed with tuna salad for dinner along with some very cold cerveza.  I enjoyed a nice swim in the ocean followed by a short swim in the pool.  The ocean was particularly calm today in spite of the strong Tehuantepec winds that are blowing out in the middle of the gulf.  When we returned to the boat this evening, the internet was up and working.

Rainy Weather

The last few days have been rainy and drizzly due to a tropical low pressure system that moved ashore south of here – in the Tehuantepec area – yesterday.

We continue with the fuel transfer (from aux tank to main tank) in the daytime while we are onboard.  It finally ‘sucked air’ this morning indicating that the lower tank was empty – its a very slow transfer pump.  We have transferred about 55 gallons of fuel from the lower tank, giving us about 182 gallons in the 200 gallon main tank.  No need to stop at a fuel dock here!!!

Tuesday Bill spent some time in the dentist chair getting started on the repair of a badly decayed tooth that has been breaking off parts over the last two years.  It did not bother him, so it was easy to put off the repair. But time is good right now to get it fixed.  Tuesday was all the drilling for a triple-root root canal; he was in the chair a full 2 hours. He has another appointment tomorrow (Friday) and a few next week – then hopefully his tooth will be as good as new.  He has been spending much onboard time getting started on his UNISYS project.  He needs to get things all set up while we have internet.   As flaky as the internet here sometimes is, he says that he is accomplishing much.

Today we walked over to Santa Cruz to visit the immigration office; the markings on our tourist cards were just scribbles and we needed to know how long we have in the country.  It turns out that they could check on the computer and we have until mid-March to play in the warm weather, not that we will stay that long.  While in Santa Cruz, we stopped in at a favorite restaurant and had tuna and shrimp salads for lunch with cold cervezas and ice cream and coffee for desert.

Beer on the Beach

The restaurant was almost empty as we ate. Doreen went for a swim in the sea. By the time we were leaving (about 2PM) other customers were finally arriving.

Freezer Running Again

Sunday, after we got the boat running again on shore power with the battery charger (and two dead but not shorted batteries) we turned on the freezer.  Monday morning I discovered that the thermostat was not making a clean disconnect after the freezer was cold, so we shut it off again and had to wait for a day before it thawed enough to get the old thermostat probe out and a new one installed.  The new thermostat is a proper Danfoss one that we had brought south with us and is designed to run with a cold plate – it leaves the freezer off for a longer time before cooling it down again.  This has caused us to take the last few days to get it set correctly for our use.  Now we need to hit the store and start stocking it with food!

Today we also had a boat boy clean Lanikai’s bottom.  The prop had become a solid ball of barnacles and other growth, but the bottom paint was holding its own against most of the organisms except the barnacles.  There were large areas of the hull that were polka doted with the white barnacles on an otherwise clean paint.

Yesterday Bill emptied out the oven of all the electronic goodies that had been stored there and installed them.  The auto-pilot, depth sounder, GPS, navigation computer and the radar all worked as did the VHF radio and its cockpit mike.  I got the ham radio installed and it even worked on picking up a weather fax thru the TNC into my laptop.

New Batteries

Today Chris with his car took us to the store where he has ordered batteries in the past.  Just so happened that they had 3 group-31 batteries in stock.  They are not the marine/RV batteries but  Bill grabbed them anyhow, as they are the right size to fit in the battery compartment under the companionway stairs.  And the price was good. Chris drove us to an ATM to get the cash and then we returned to the shop and loaded the batteries into his trunk.  We all went out to lunch before returning to the marina.

At the marina, Bill talked to the guard at the gate and soon had a friendly boat boy to bring the new batteries down to Lanikai.  He even hefted them into the cockpit for us.  His fee for service was to cart the old ones away later in the afternoon.   Then our work began: in the heat of the day Bill removed the three batteries and replaced them with the new ones while I tore the boat apart looking for the studs to attach the wires to.  I finally found the studs and then spent some time putting the boat back together while Bill wired in the new batteries.  Bill turned on the solar panels and the batteries started taking a charge, then we added the dock powered charger and they took in more amps but within an hour they were full and quit taking power.  We then removed the two other old batteries that were hiding in the back corner of the engine room so that all five batteries were ready to be hauled off.  And hauled off they were, as the boat boy picked them up gladly right after he got off work; he made good money taking them to be recycled for their lead.

We had had a nice taco lunch at Chris’s favorite taco stand, so I did not feel bad just fixing Top Ramen for dinner.  We both enjoyed it, too tired for much else.