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New Years Eve 2012



New Year

to all !!!

New Years 1


We spent the evening three floors up at an outside on-the-roof bar above the marina offices here and had a very enjoyable time.  There was plenty of great food and it was all very good and the drinks were included in the price.  Bill is getting himself ready for Oregon by drinking Cuba Libres.  I enjoyed a Pina Colada followed by many glass of nice white wine.  We both enjoyed champagne and 12 grapes for the midnight revelry.   Also at midnight, the fireworks were visible all around the bay.


New Years 2


We both managed to last until about 12:30 when we returned to Lanikai for a long winter’s nap.

Christmas in La Cruz

We tied up in Marina Rivera Nayarit the Thursday before Christmas and began getting the salt out of things to stow below while we spend time stateside.  Christmas Eve we spent quietly on the boat, but Christmas Day we got together with lots of other cruisers and local “gringos” at a favorite hang out.  The restaurant provided turkey and the rest of us provided the pot luck food.  Turned out that there was plenty of goodies and we all ate our fill.


After we had eaten our fill, Santa arrived to pass out gift bags to 400 children from the local area and it was great to see the gifts light up their faces.

Christmas 2

Before Santa handed out the gifts a group of the children sang Christmas carols for us in English.

New Years Eve

New Years Eve found us in bed by 8PM as neither of us had gotten much sleep in the rolly conditions the night before.  We awoke 15 minutes before midnight as the fireworks got started and by midnight there was a very good display at several places on the island, the beach, the airstrip and somewhere inland.  The one on the airstrip was the best as lots of fireworks were sent up together and one right after the other, quite a nice display.

More boats arrived to the anchorage and some of them were quite large and fancy.  There were lots of smaller boats running around pulling skiers, inner tubes and even a banana-boat full of children.  There was also lots of boats heading out during the day loaded with fishing rods.   Bill and I spent the day on the boat enjoying the show and reading more books to leave here on the island before we head further north.

Newport Aquarium

On the 5th of July, since we were in Newport having spent the night in a hotel there, we took several hours in the morning to visit the Newport Aquarium.


4th 5

Nicolas enjoyed the tide pool display, while Bill enjoyed the new exhibit on the lower Amazon Basin.  We all enjoyed watching the otters feed.


By late morning we were on the road again heading toward home.

Fourth of July Fun

For the Fourth of July, the family drove to Newport, Oregon for their fireworks display.  Being in Oregon and July it did not get dark until almost 10 PM, so we had a long wait for the city fireworks display.  We came prepared with plenty of our own fireworks to explode while we waited.  The problem was finding a spot in Newport where we could both see the fireworks and set off our own.  After checking into a hotel for the night – to avoid the traffic and drive home-  we walked into the town.


We found lots of waterfront and a city street lined by tourist beach shops, but no place to light off fireworks or even drink a beer.

4th 1

We then walked under the bridge and along the beach back to the hotel.  It was low tide so was passable, but when it got dark it would be a much higher tide and we  would have had to wade back to the hotel in the dark and the surf.  Not a good idea and also the city fireworks would not be visible.

We returned to the room to rethink.   Got in the car and drove to the southern side of the bay where we knew there to be a brewery with a hoped-for restaurant.  We also found a large parking lot, well multiple lots actually, where we could find a spot to set off fireworks.  Also a great view of the city’s display could be seen from here.


The wait at the restaurant was quite long but there was the brewery tanks for Bill and Nicolas to explore.  The good food and great beer made up for the wait as we all enjoyed a nice dinner.


There was even a nice Lego table that entertained Nic while the rest of us finished our dinner and beers.

4th 2

After dinner we walked down to the parking lot and lucked out to snag a picnic table near a small convenience store.  Bill helped the children let off “safe” fireworks.

4th 3

While we waited for it to get dark enough for the professional display.

4th 4

When the city got started with their display it was superb.  The fireworks were set off in groups with not much break between making for both a beautiful and an exciting display.