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Heading North

We dropped the hook in Bahía Brasilito toward the north end of Costa Rica early this morning after a fast overnight passage from Bahía Ballena.  The passage was so fast (with a favorable current) that we had to stop and drift for three hours in the middle of the night so we could make a daylight entrance into the bay.  We are going to spend the day here and let the engine cool so that Bill can check out his repairs and adjust the leaking-too-fast shaft seal on the engine shaft.  We have had to pump the bilge about every 2 hours to keep the bilge water alarm from sounding.  This is not unusual after a haul out and the boat needs to be run for some time before the final adjustments can be made correctly since we have a drip-less seal on the shaft.  When it is correctly adjusted it should drip no water.

Next leg of the journey should take us all the way to Mexico – about a week away – to the southern-most port, Puerto Madero.

FotoScrap Album 1.9v

Well, the two Beta Tests were successful (Thank You to all who provided feedback!) and I’ve added some new goodies and fixed a few important bugs since then as well.

The two biggest additions are …

  • The Font selection control for all text boxes now displays the various available font names using the individual fonts themselves.
  • Added ‘Embellishments’ as an alternative type of image insertion.  Embellishments (Ribbons, Fibers, Graphics, Stickers, whatever) are treated almost exactly like Pictures, the main difference being that Embellishments are Added with an explicit zero-width border.

The details are all in the ReadMe file.  And, as always, this is the download link – FotoScrap Album 1.9v

I hope you enjoy this newest version.  We’ll be underway again on Lanikai, so there won’t be any new changes for a while.

… Bill …

On to Bahia Ballena

This morning we were up early as usual, so we got an early start to Bahia Ballena.  After breakfast Bill ran the engine for 30 minutes and detected no problems with the several patches on the engine’s gear cover and no oil leaks at the salt water pump !!  We pulled the anchor and got underway before 7:30AM.  It was a motorboat ride the entire way with only a very light tail wind.   The anchor was down and set in the bay soon after 10AM and so-far-so-good with all the repairs.

Bill and I spent the rest of the morning and into the afternoon onboard: reading and using our computers, even connecting to the internet thru a local WiFi net.  Mid-afternoon we went ashore, landing the dinghy on the beach below the Tambor resort and restaurant, where we enjoyed a very nice dinner with several beers.


Just before dark we returned the dinghy to the water; the breakers on the shore were quite a bit larger than on our landing and worst of all, very close together.  We did get the dinghy off the beach and past the breakers, but not without getting ourselves very wet when we took two breakers over the bow.

More and more oil leaks

Bill seemed to have solved the pump oil leak problem with some lock washers to hold the pump tighter to the engine block, but has since discovered several oil weeps from the engine cover itself.  Seems that all the salt water leaking out of the pump over the last many months all ran down the engine cover and caused it to rust and rot, with several pin-hole sized holes being formed.  We got out the JB Weld and, after cleaning the area and sanding it well, patched it up.  Only to discover more leaks further down on the front cover, and even some rotten metal on the oil pan.  Those have now been JB Welded as well.

We need to wait for the patches to set up before we run the engine again and can really see if the water pump is no longer leaking oil when the engine heats up.

Bill also spent some time yesterday removing the old packing flax from the rudder post stuffing box, filing down some burrs on the threads so the packing nut will actually tighten, and then installing three new rings of packing.  The rudder post is no longer dripping – better than its been in years!!

Out of Puntarenas

We left the estuary this morning, untying from the buoys of the Costa Rica Yacht Club at 10:30 in the morning, about 45 minutes before the high tide.  It was still quite shallow in the marina area, but once we got into the channel we had plenty of water under our keel (well, at least a few feet!)  We had to stay diligent to stay within the channel as the water was not very deep outside of it.

It was just after high tide when we rounded the point at the end of the Puntarenas sand spit an hour later, so we had the outgoing current with us as we headed to the Islas Tortugas, our goal for the day.  It was a nice motor-boat ride — except the raw water pump started leaking oil again and Bill kept having to add oil to the engine.  He tightened the pump once and the oil stopped flowing, but the fix did not last.  I guess that we will be anchored at the Tortugas until we can get the problem solved, but the solution will have to wait for the morning and a cooler engine.