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New Years Eve 2012



New Year

to all !!!

New Years 1


We spent the evening three floors up at an outside on-the-roof bar above the marina offices here and had a very enjoyable time.  There was plenty of great food and it was all very good and the drinks were included in the price.  Bill is getting himself ready for Oregon by drinking Cuba Libres.  I enjoyed a Pina Colada followed by many glass of nice white wine.  We both enjoyed champagne and 12 grapes for the midnight revelry.   Also at midnight, the fireworks were visible all around the bay.


New Years 2


We both managed to last until about 12:30 when we returned to Lanikai for a long winter’s nap.

Christmas in La Cruz

We tied up in Marina Rivera Nayarit the Thursday before Christmas and began getting the salt out of things to stow below while we spend time stateside.  Christmas Eve we spent quietly on the boat, but Christmas Day we got together with lots of other cruisers and local “gringos” at a favorite hang out.  The restaurant provided turkey and the rest of us provided the pot luck food.  Turned out that there was plenty of goodies and we all ate our fill.


After we had eaten our fill, Santa arrived to pass out gift bags to 400 children from the local area and it was great to see the gifts light up their faces.

Christmas 2

Before Santa handed out the gifts a group of the children sang Christmas carols for us in English.

Only in Mexico

Saturday afternoon we walked over to the nearest beach, about 1/2 mile away, to enjoy some cold beers and a swim in the ocean.  We spent the late afternoon under the shade at the beach side restaurant/bar of a local hotel enjoying cold beers and pico de gallo (a fresh salsa made with just tomatoes, onions, cilantro and picante (hot!) green peppers all finely diced), with chips and nachos.  I went for a swim in the ocean and Bill pulled out his Kindle to read – only to discover it had a dead battery, so we just enjoyed the afternoon together visiting and enjoying the scenery.

While there, a group of jovenes (young 20-somethings) were celebrating the birthday of one of the girls.  The were in the pool just below us, with a birthday cake on the pool-side singing Las Mañanita (the Mexican birthday song).  Their table happened to be right next to ours, so when they returned to the table with the cake we wished the girl a happy birthday.  Then when they cut the cake, two pieces of cake were brought to our table and offered to us!

Today we decided to stay on-board and spend the time to transfer diesel fuel from the lower tank to the main tank while Bill spent time at his computer.  Well, it turned out that the valve was set to take fuel from the main tank so we were just transferring fuel from the bottom of the main tank and sending it back into the top, having gone thru a filter along to way.  Not all bad as we cleaned the fuel from the main tank somewhat but did not transfer very much fuel today.  We did get the valve set to the lower tank correctly and transferred some fuel before we decided to shut it all down for the day.  More fuel transfer tomorrow!

Busy Three weeks

A new home and dry weather here in Tillamook accounts for a very busy time for Bill and I.

Soon after Emily’s Birthday celebration was over we headed east again for a week in The Dalles.  We drove over to help our friends Tedd and Rymmel Lovell with their big yard sale, but had plenty of time to visit with Doreen’s sisters as well.  When we arrived at the Lovell’s, Tedd’s folks had just been moved in to the house the week before.  His dad (91) is failing and his mom had broken her arm, so living alone was no longer an option for them.  We had some excitement with Tedd’s dad having another heart attach at the hospital, but also enjoyed some real nice visits with his mother.  Sold lots and lots of stuff at the yard sale, but I got first choice at things and came home with some pots and pans for the kitchen, mixing bowls, towels and lots of other goodies for our still almost empty home.

We arrived home to find that the Brills were taking advantage of the nice weather (and Doug’s weekend off work) to get going on their roofing project.  Wednesday, July 27,  I joined Gretchen and the children to start removing the old roofing from the house.  Gretchen’s friend Heather showed up with four strong boys to help out, and help they did.  We almost got the entire roof cleaned off and hauled 4 loads to the dump, leaving the last load in the truck for the next day.

Thursday we took a little break and all went up the Wilson River to enjoy a day in the water and the sun.

Friday it was back to work again.  Doug was off work so he and Gretchen finished cleaning the old shingles off the roof  and started construction of the large porch cover pop-out in the front.  Bill and I drove into Portland to the nearest Home Depot to pick up supplies and electrical goodies that we needed for work on our new home as well.  Saturday and Sunday were long busy days as the new roof started to make its appearance.  Jeff, Heather’s husband and a professional roofer, did a beautiful job of attaching the new shingles.  Doug worked on his porch cover framing with lots of help from Jeffery (Heather’s son and one of Emily’s friends).  With Jeffery’s and Bill’s help we got it up and attached nicely to the main roof structure.  The back half was all roofed and tar paper covered the front by Sunday evening when we all gave up.

Tuesday Gretchen brought the two children over to our house to help dig my trench for moving the water faucet out of the carport area and into the back yard.  We ran into a big problem when we discovered that the old galvanized pipe (that we had hoped to simply cap off) was dripping.  We then dug lots along the sidewalk and the workshop area looking for the pipe at its entrance to the car port.  We eventually gave up and called a plumber.  A very nice plumber showed up on his lunch break to check things out.  Thinking that he had found the pipe under the house, he cut it and capped it for us – but it turned out to be just another stray unused pipe under this old house!  He discovered a second pipe in a similar location and returned yesterday on his lunch break to cap that one off.  All is well now, at least with the house water.  We are still trenching for the new lines to the yard though.

Wednesday was the big fishing day.  Doug has taken extra shifts at work to help pay for the roof and Wednesday was the only day he has off this week.  The weatherman gave a good report for calm seas offshore so Doug decided that today would be the day for the family to go tuna fishing and I went along as well.  It took three hours to get out to the fishing grounds (about 40 miles off shore) and then we hit the jackpot.  In just over an hour we had two ice chests almost full with 14 fish onboard!  Most of the time when we got a hit of one fish there were others hitting the other rods.  Several of the fish got off, thankfully, but we usually ended up landing two at the same time from the four rods that we had out in the water – and once we got three on board at the same time!  With 14 fish in the ice chest, Doug started to think about the work of cleaning and processing them upon our return, so we headed for home – another 2 hour ride.

There were lots of birds and fairly flat seas on the return and I even saw two dolphins that surfaced near the boat, but they went down and did not come up for the others to get a look at them.  When we got home Emily got the inside and outside of the boat cleaned of all the fish blood and salt.  Doug got to cleaning the fish and Gretchen into packaging the meat for the freezer.  I cleaned out the “new” old freezer that Gretchen and I had picked up for $50 at the local ReStore on Tuesday.  We got it moved into position (after moving their older small freezer out of the way) and plugged it in.  We left it to cool down overnight, keeping the smaller freezer working as well.  About half of the fish was frozen and the rest Gretchen and I packed into jars to process in the pressure canner.  We ended up canning almost 100 half-pints of tuna, half with jalapeno peppers and half with garlic.  I left Gretchen with the first canner loads still having a half hour to go and the second loads in the refrigerator to wait for processing in the morning.

While we were canning, Heather and Jeff showed up to work on the roof.  They got going and only took a short break for dinner.  When Bill and I left at 8:30pm Jeff was still shooting nails into shingles, so we do not know how far they got – but much progress was being made as Jeff is a very fast roofer.



New shingles go on the back side of the roof and the porch roof construction works its way off the front.



Everyone landed fish and then it was a long ride home again.

Fishing and Father’s Day

Friday was a beautiful day here in Tillamook and out on the ocean.  I went out halibut fishing with Doug and Nicolas and it was a lucky day.  Nicolas hooked 6 fish while jigging off the bottom.  Only one of them got away, but three were very small and were sent back swimming to do some more growing.  Nicolas brought in the first of the keepers and it brought a big smile to his face.  He also hooked the ‘big one’ but it was very large and took Doug over 2 hours to get him onboard.  It also took the efforts of all three of us to raise the anchor, reel in the fish and finally follow the fish with the boat.  Doug did succeed at getting the 60 lb. whopper on board and we enjoyed fresh fish tacos for dinner that night.


Doug, with the two fish and the cleaned product.  Gretchen and I froze most of the meat and there was still plenty for dinner.

Saturday we celebrated Father’s Day at the Brill’s.  Doug used his new barbeque to cook up the last of last year’s tuna along with potatoes, zucchini and special stuffed peppers.  Doug and Gretchen had some friends over to enjoy the occasion.


We all enjoyed the food, eating a bit more than necessary as there was plenty. It was delicious although this batch of stuffed peppers were rather picante.

Sunday Bill and I went over to Ginger’s house for a lasagna dinner.  Bill spent a bit of special time with Mauricio while Ginger and I went clothes shopping.  We had an enjoyable time in the store and returned in plenty of time to get the meal fixed.


Ginger is an early-to-bed person so we returned to the Brill’s in time to enjoy a wine with Doug.  All in all it was a very nice, fun weekend.