About Us

We are Bill and Doreen Gord from The Dalles, Oregon. We live and travel on our sailboat, Lanikai, a 44-foot Spencer ketch. We have owned Lanikai since 1987 and have traveled extensively in the Pacific Northwest. Our northern-most adventure took us to the Canadian Queen Charlotte Islands in the Summer of 1994. Our travels are now taking us south for an indefinite period of time: as long as we are having fun!

Our Lanikai Home Page is a log of our journeys since we left The Dalles in August 1996.  As time goes on, it seems that we have more pictures with each page too! We spent one year in Chula Vista, California and then spent 5 years in Mexico, basically based in Mazatlán.  Boat adventures took us north into the Sea of Cortez,  west to the Soccoro Island group and south to Zihuatanejo.  Land adventures took us throughout much of inland Mexico. In preparation for heading further south, we finished some major repairs and improvements for our safety, operation, and creature comfort aboard Lanikai. We then passed 6 wonderful months anchored in El Salvador, in Central America, with lots adventures to report on.

We spent the winter of 2002-2003 traveling south through Costa Rica and on east to western Panama; then due to a family emergency we returned to El Salvador where we left the boat and returned to the States for a year.  We returned to El Salvador in August 2004 with a car full of new “toys” for the boat.  In late November, 2005  we – finally – got underway heading south again.

We spent the summer of 2006 in Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador and from there took three bus trips inland, visiting the Andes mountains in Ecuador and the headwaters of the Amazon River in northern Peru.  We have returned to Panama City to avoid the rainy season in Ecuador, but will be back there in March to continue our travels.

Someday we will be on to the Galapagos, Marquesan and Gambier island groups and with the eventual destination still being the southern inland waters of Chile.