Back to Tillamook in January

We actually did not get back to Tillamook until late in the month after spending two weeks getting there.  Out first stop had been San Diego to visit Bill’s  brother.  Then on to Lake Forest so that Bill could spend a week actually at work.  He has been working from home for the last three+ years and only makes occasional trips to the plant in Southern California.  This is actually only his second trip there since he started working in October 2011.  While there, we had dinner with Bill’s cousin Kris that he had not seen since he was a child and drove to Carlsbad to have dinner with my brother Rick’s two boys (Brett and Andy) and their family.

My sister Nancy and all of her family were in Oceanside for the following weekend to celebrate Nancy’s birthday.  We joined them and I got to meet up with my nieces and nephew that I had not seen since they were young children and I finally got to meet all of their children who were the ages that I had last seen their parents.  We had a fun family dinner at the Crab Shack at the harbor.

From there we drove to The Dalles, Oregon following much of the old US395 route which kept us on the desert side of the mountains.  We were both surprised at how empty the land was in that area of Northern California and eastern Oregon.  It was a very pretty, peaceful drive thru barren high desert country.  Staying with our friends in The Dalles we caught up on happenings in our old home town.  I did have a lunch with my two sisters that are still living The Dalles and caught up on their happenings before making the final drive to Tillamook and home.