Back in The Untied States

We flew into San Diego airport late last night and rented a car to drive over and spend a few days with Bill’s brother Rick.  Bill had a tooth go bad the evening before we left La Cruz and Rick did a super job of finding Bill a dentist for today.  Of course that ate up much of our Friday visit time.  We did meet Rick for a late lunch at his favorite regular eatery near has his home and returned to his place where he and Bill had a nice visit.  We returned to the same restaurant for a leisurely long dinner.

Before leaving the boat, and in spite of Bill’s hurtful tooth, we got the boat all set up to be left for a few months.  We will have to return before hurricane season to tie things down better on her.  For now we left her in a more operational state in case we find someone who is interested in becoming her new owner.  We arrived at the airport several hours early as we were unsure of the traffic.  It turned out to be light but we had heard that several days earlier the trip to the airport took several hours and not the more usual 30 minutes.