The boat is coming along.  It took a few days but but all the oil leaks in the main engine seem to be all stopped.  Of course it is a Westerbeke so it still weeps a bit of oil.  On Sunday morning Bill got the dinghy into the water and after making sure that the fuel did not contain water, the outboard started with the third pull.  We took her for a short dinghy ride.  Later in the afternoon we went to the beach for a late-lunch-early-dinner to celebrate.

Yesterday we got the new mizzen halyard reeved and the proper shackle attached… it did take two tries to get it right but it still was much easier than the last one we did.   Next project is to use that halyard to take Doreen to the top of the mizzen to remove the unused wifi antenna.  All the rest of the equipment to make that antenna useful is back in the states.

We continue to go out to dinner almost every evening and have settled on four favorite restaurants here in La Cruz.  We do hit the beach about once a week for an afternoon meal and Doreen takes the opportunity for a nice ocean swim. The tiny pool here at the marina sees us most late afternoons for a bit of exercise time and we do do our morning sunrise walks along the marina breakwater.  The weather continues to be pleasant with warm days and not so warm nights, but never really cold.