Sails On

Over the last few days we got the main sail back on and unwound all the lines from the mizzen sail.  Bill had tightly wrapped the mizzen sail onto the boom three years ago when we first came in here so that it would not flap in any breezes.

The weather has definitely changed and we had to add a light-weight blanket to the bed as the temperatures get down into the mid 60s at night.

This morning the faucet in the galley sink gave up completely.  The water coming out had almost slowed to a trickle by yesterday so we made plans to visit Home  Depot on Friday to purchase a new faucet.  Still in the plans and I will make due using the head sink for filling the tea pot until then.

With  the refrigerator working, I plan on picking up a bit more at the market today.  Wednesdays there is a street market in the little town of La Cruz and a truck arrives with very nice fresh vegetables.