Halloween and Day of the Dead

Friday was Halloween and in La Cruz the cruisers and expats go to their favorite restaurant /bar with bags of candy to distribute to the children that come by.  We spent the evening at the Gecko Rojo where not only did we pass out candy to lots and lots of children but enjoyed a special oriental dinner.  The children that came by were from the local community and many had costumes on …. all the way from very young ones in mothers arms to the teen age set with big smiles.  Stopping by the various tables of diners they received candy.  For us grandma types it was a very fun time.

Yesterday was Day of the Dead here in Mexico with its many celebrations to remember their family members that had passed on.  Bill and I chose to walk down  the beach for lunch.  The crowd was not as big as last Sunday but several groups of Mexicans were having a good time enjoying the holiday at the beach.  As things were slowing done one of the larger groups hired a Mariachi Band and enjoyed dancing.  Bill and I soon got dragged into the dancing as our table was in the center of the dance area. We moved our table and got asked to dance, it was the first time I have seen Bill dance since one time in Tijuana soon after we were married.  They also insisted that we enjoy some tequila with them.  We did make it back to the boat and shower before it was totally dark outside.

Today, Sunday, the second Day of the Dead, we went out to breakfast at Anna Banana’s one of our favorite restaurants here in La Cruz.  The had a rather large altar set up in the corner of the restaurant with pictures of cruisers and other expats that had spent time at the restaurant over the years and are now gone.  The altar also included fresh food, flowers and lots of candles.  We went back for dinner there later in the day and after dark the candles were lit.  Bands provided music both in the morning and for the dinner crowd.