This past week has been dedicated to getting the main engine running.  First we sucked the crud from the bottom of the fuel tank, there was no water and therefore only a little bit of fine dirt.  The engine started up with only a little trouble due to weak batteries but when Bill looked at the engine the raw water pump was leaking lots of salt water.  The next day, with a cooler engine the leaky water pump was removed and replaced with a spare that we have on hand.  The next step was to check the engine oil.  It was thick but way over-filled.  Time to drain it and most likely replace a leaky diesel lift pump, not the first time this has happened.  Bill then got ready to suck what oil he could out of the hose set up for such purposes only to discover that the pump need a working drill.  The batteries to our drill are all dead and none will accept a charge.  Plan two was to put a bucket into the bilge and drain the oil thru the same hose out into the bucket.  The lip of the bucket is actually above the bottom of the engine pan and the oil was quite thick, being cold, so the process was very slow and we left it to drain until the next day, today.

Today we removed the bucket from the bilge loosing no oil and making little mess.  We drained about 5 quarts out, but now the dip-stick measures “full”.  The main engine started right up but after running about 15 minutes Bill now discovered that there was a slight oil leak from one of the hoses.  After it cools tomorrow it will be checked out and hopefully repaired.