Change in the Weather

After much rain both over the last weekend and the first two days of this week (due to another tropical low that slowly drifted through our area) the area started to clear on Wednesday.  Yesterday was a very nice day, and Bill and I scampered off to Bacterias to enjoy an afternoon at the beach.  Today we woke to almost no clouds at all.  It has also been much cooler and more conductive to getting projects done.

Today the refrigeration expert showed up with the parts and pieces to our freezer to get it working again.  It took most of the afternoon, but by dinner time it was running and cooling down with the new-to-us cold plate.  The old cold plate was toast with sea water in one of the set of tubes and a probably leak in the other.  On top of that it literally “blew up” when heat was applied to add a new fitting to test out the tubes.  All is well now.

Tomorrow there are a few loose ends to tie up with that project before we can get shelves back in and stuff that is scattered through out the cabin put away.  It will also take several days to get the thermostat adjusted to where I want it.  We have a new refrigerator thermostat so that I can run the box as a refrigerator and not a freezer as we have no plans for long voyages where the freezer would be useful.