Boat Projects Begin

Things in the bay are beginning to come alive after the summer heat and rain.  Monday Bill got ahold of the refrigeration expert.  He came by the boat and talked to Bill about our problem.  Once we got the old tubes out he would use the ends to make us new ones and install them, charge up the system and hopefully we would have a freezer back.  Bill disconnected the tubes from the compressor on Tuesday and I started the process of getting the tubes out of the freezer box.  The were well stuck, caulked in with old 5200 which I spent many hours digging out on Tuesday.  On Wednesday, Bill finished removing the tubes removed from the cold plate and took the cold plate out of the box.  I then with a little more effort get the caulk plug out and removed the tubes from the box and unstrung them from the engine area.  Later in the day Don from Fresca Marine picked up the parts to see what he could do to get our freezer back in business.