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Yesterday was US Thanksgiving Day and a group of expats joined at one of their homes for a nice turkey feast bringing pot luck vegetables and deserts.  It was a nice meal with turkey dressing gravy and cheesy mashed potatoes plus a myriad of vegetable dishes.  As typical for Thanksgiving we all came away after having eaten a bit too much.  It was a nice early evening get together and we enjoyed visiting with some of the other folks there.  Many that we had met at Anna Bananas on Sunday mornings enjoying breakfast.

Today we spent the morning on the boat tidying it up. Late in the morning a boat broker stopped by to take lots of photos of her.  We hope that he can find someone to enjoy and love Lanikai as much as we have.


This past week has been dedicated to getting the main engine running.  First we sucked the crud from the bottom of the fuel tank, there was no water and therefore only a little bit of fine dirt.  The engine started up with only a little trouble due to weak batteries but when Bill looked at the engine the raw water pump was leaking lots of salt water.  The next day, with a cooler engine the leaky water pump was removed and replaced with a spare that we have on hand.  The next step was to check the engine oil.  It was thick but way over-filled.  Time to drain it and most likely replace a leaky diesel lift pump, not the first time this has happened.  Bill then got ready to suck what oil he could out of the hose set up for such purposes only to discover that the pump need a working drill.  The batteries to our drill are all dead and none will accept a charge.  Plan two was to put a bucket into the bilge and drain the oil thru the same hose out into the bucket.  The lip of the bucket is actually above the bottom of the engine pan and the oil was quite thick, being cold, so the process was very slow and we left it to drain until the next day, today.

Today we removed the bucket from the bilge loosing no oil and making little mess.  We drained about 5 quarts out, but now the dip-stick measures “full”.  The main engine started right up but after running about 15 minutes Bill now discovered that there was a slight oil leak from one of the hoses.  After it cools tomorrow it will be checked out and hopefully repaired.

Sails On

Over the last few days we got the main sail back on and unwound all the lines from the mizzen sail.  Bill had tightly wrapped the mizzen sail onto the boom three years ago when we first came in here so that it would not flap in any breezes.

The weather has definitely changed and we had to add a light-weight blanket to the bed as the temperatures get down into the mid 60s at night.

This morning the faucet in the galley sink gave up completely.  The water coming out had almost slowed to a trickle by yesterday so we made plans to visit Home  Depot on Friday to purchase a new faucet.  Still in the plans and I will make due using the head sink for filling the tea pot until then.

With  the refrigerator working, I plan on picking up a bit more at the market today.  Wednesdays there is a street market in the little town of La Cruz and a truck arrives with very nice fresh vegetables.

Change in the Weather

After much rain both over the last weekend and the first two days of this week (due to another tropical low that slowly drifted through our area) the area started to clear on Wednesday.  Yesterday was a very nice day, and Bill and I scampered off to Bacterias to enjoy an afternoon at the beach.  Today we woke to almost no clouds at all.  It has also been much cooler and more conductive to getting projects done.

Today the refrigeration expert showed up with the parts and pieces to our freezer to get it working again.  It took most of the afternoon, but by dinner time it was running and cooling down with the new-to-us cold plate.  The old cold plate was toast with sea water in one of the set of tubes and a probably leak in the other.  On top of that it literally “blew up” when heat was applied to add a new fitting to test out the tubes.  All is well now.

Tomorrow there are a few loose ends to tie up with that project before we can get shelves back in and stuff that is scattered through out the cabin put away.  It will also take several days to get the thermostat adjusted to where I want it.  We have a new refrigerator thermostat so that I can run the box as a refrigerator and not a freezer as we have no plans for long voyages where the freezer would be useful.

Boat Projects Begin

Things in the bay are beginning to come alive after the summer heat and rain.  Monday Bill got ahold of the refrigeration expert.  He came by the boat and talked to Bill about our problem.  Once we got the old tubes out he would use the ends to make us new ones and install them, charge up the system and hopefully we would have a freezer back.  Bill disconnected the tubes from the compressor on Tuesday and I started the process of getting the tubes out of the freezer box.  The were well stuck, caulked in with old 5200 which I spent many hours digging out on Tuesday.  On Wednesday, Bill finished removing the tubes removed from the cold plate and took the cold plate out of the box.  I then with a little more effort get the caulk plug out and removed the tubes from the box and unstrung them from the engine area.  Later in the day Don from Fresca Marine picked up the parts to see what he could do to get our freezer back in business.