October 2014 Back on Lanikai

After three years of only short visits to Lanikai, we are back on her in hopes of getting enough systems working again so that we can move her to Mazatlán.  Mazatlán was one of our favorite spots on our way south over 10 years ago and we would like to spend a little more time there before we find new owners for Lanikai.  We started last March to get her ready for the trip that we hoped to make in April but the death of my father required our return to the states.

We arrived back here to La Cruz, near Puerto Vallarta, one week ago today. Since the rainy season is just ending the outside of Lanikai was very clean and surprising, the inside was only dusty…. no mold or mildew this time.  Slowly we are getting Lanikai back in running condition as we adapt to the much hotter and humid weather here.  The electronics have been removed from storage in the oven and have been reinstalled and mostly tested.  We discovered early on that the freezer has a Freon leak so we are looking for a refrigeration expert to help us out.  Bill did need to make repairs on one of our bilge pumps and it is working now.  The dinghy is inflated and seems to be holding air.  It is hanging over the side in its normal place but its engine has not yet been run.   The main sail is on the foredeck and I have all the parts need for its installation.  One cooler morning over the next week both will probably get done.

Each evening we visit one of our favorite restaurants for dinner as it is too warm by that time of the day to cook on the boat.  Our first few days we even went out for breakfast but now we are cooking that meal on-board so that we are around to work in the cooler hour of the early morning.  Two afternoons over our first week here, we went to  the beach visiting favorite restaurants there and giving me a chance to spent time in the very warm water of the sea.

Bill is continuing to work and the Cruiser Lounge is cooled and has ok internet so he spends much of his mid mornings until evenings up there typing away and trying not to freeze in the overly chilled room.   If it gets to cold for him he returns to the hot boat to continue typing or convert to reading.