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A Weekend with Nicolas

This past weekend Nicolas spent with us, while his folks were in Las Vegas on a short vacation.



Mauricio came over on Friday afternoon and the two boys enjoyed playing outside between the rain showers.  Mauricio finally fell in the mud so they moved indoors.



They played on the Kindle Fire when rolling cars down the stairs got too noisy for Bill while he was trying to work.

Saturday we started at the hardware store and purchased wire for running a heater into Bill’s office.  Then Nicolas and I went under the house to feed the wire and pull down an old unused heater wire to attach it to.  We also pulled down and re-fed the refrigerator wire to move the refrigerator receptacle from Bill’s office into the kitchen.  Dirty and tired, we cleaned up and enjoyed dinner at the Rodeo – a local favorite restaurant.

Sunday after church Mauricio and Aunt Ginger came over and the boys again played inside as it was raining outside.  We did lunch at McDonald’s before Mauricio and Ginger had to return home.

Monday it was off to school for Nicolas and a little after-school homework before I returned him to his own home to await with his older brother and sister – for the return of his parents .

Sure got quiet around the house!!!

Trip to Sister Susie’s

Saturday Bill, Emily and I drove up to visit Doreen’s sister Susie and her family in Ocean Park, Washington.  Actually it was not a bad 2-hour drive along the coast and it was a beautiful sunny day.


Susie made sure that both of her girls (Adele and Alissa) were in attendance at her place along with little Larry, Adele’s little one.



Larry was the great entertainment for the day.  Susie fixed us all a nice lunch of hamburgers and yummy potato salad.  We left in the late afternoon for the drive home, stopping at Pig-n-Pancake in Astoria for dinner along the way.


In the last few weeks we celebrated both Ginger’s and Gretchen’s birthdays.  The celebrations both started out with a “Saturday before” tea party at our house with all the girls present.

Birthday tea

Then on the actual birthday days we celebrated with the rest of the family and of course, cakes.


For Ginger’s Birthday, Mauricio, Ginger, Bill and I went out to the Tillamook Cheese factory for a lunch and ice cream.  We returned to the house to have the cake complete with candles.

For Gretchen’s Birthday, Doug and Gretchen joined Bill and I at the Blue Heron for lunch.  In the evening we all enjoyed dinner at the Brill’s home – again followed by the essential cake.

Birthday 2Birthday3

Now we have a few months to wait for the next birthday which will be Mauricio’s in April.