Caleta de Campo

We just dropped the hook in this nice little anchorage… a bit rolly but then all the anchorages along this coast are.  We left the anchorage at Isla Grande late yesterday afternoon and made the overnight hop further north along the Mexican coast, although this leg was mostly west.  We had almost flat seas with little wind until the middle of the night when the offshore breeze picked up and we got a nice push, although not enough wind to truly sail.  The current was against us so it was a slow although pleasant passage.  The moon set about midnight and the stars were spectacular although as we move north the nights are cooler and we need sweaters over our shorts and T-shirts to be comfortable.  Bill even used a lap blanket over his legs for the just before sun-up time.  We did enjoy lots of dolphins that visited the boat, some playfully jumping out of the water, others only lifting their heads out of the water or flapping their tails.  The last two hours of the trip we were almost constantly surrounded by them as we passed thru pod after pod of the friendly animals.