We anchored yesterday noon at the head of the bay here after a four day passage from the Huatulco area.  Saturday evening the winds picked up from the NW just on our nose so we had to tack offshore for several hours and then tack back in before the winds switched to more offshore again.  This made us pass by our chosen port after dark and since we had never been there before prudence said to pass it by and continue on to Zihuatanejo.  We have had a contrary current of about 1 knot most of this passage but at least it was not the 3 knots that we had against us as we passed Puerto Angel.  Since Lanikai only travels at 5 knots this has slowed us down muchly.  We will take account of this for our planning on the next leg of our journey north so that we can enter anchorages in the daylight hours.  Although the passage was slow it was not an unpleasant one, but it is now nice to be anchored in a fairly calm bay.  Bill is already hard at work on his computer making use of all the notes he took while sitting in the cockpit underway.

We did pass many turtles and about 6 pods of dolphins joined us for a time.  There were also areas dense with tiny jellyfish that were interesting and pretty to see but we were glad that we were on deck and not in the water with them.  We did enjoy a nice swim in the water here after the anchor was done and shade cloths up.  The water is very pleasant here and not as cool as the water at Sacrificio was.  The boat has grown a nice green carpet just below the waterline so today’s swim will start the process of removing it.