This morning early, before the water got to full of wakes from all the vacationers enjoying themselves, I took off in the kayak for a two-hour paddle out to Roca Negro about two miles off.  The water offshore was much calmer than in the bay with long period swells from the southeast.  There were lots and lots of schools of jumpy fish that looked like tuna to me.  I tried to get some movies of them but ended up with lots of picture of the sky as the kayak bobbed in the swell .  I did get a few seconds of the fish as well.

In the late afternoon we dinghied over to the beach and joined the vacationers there.  We watched several girls get pulled into the air under a parachute pulled by a fast speedboat.  They drifted back onshore after a spin around the bay in the air, all landing on their feet.  We found a restaurant on the beach and ordered some cold beers that we enjoyed while watching two small children digging in the sand next to our table.  We eventually ordered some nachos followed by a garlic fish meal.  While we were ashore the swells in the bay picked up so we had a rather wet dinghy launch and a rolly night on Lanikai.  There is an offshore late season hurricane that has raised the sea swell so we will probably have the rollers for a few more days as the system moves further west.  At least with the afternoon onshore breeze we face into the swell so it is not so bad.