Sail Repair

Bill will finish with the dentist on Thursday morning, so I decided that it was time to uncover the main sail and check it out – as well as to clean the cover of all the accumulated bird droppings.  Checking out the sail I discovered that three of the grommets that hold the sail to the mast slides were bad.  Two were bad enough that it took a little sewing to strengthen the sail before a new grommet could be added.  The chore got done and Bill figured out the trick to getting the tiny shackle to the mast slides reattached, managing to get all four that had been removed, reattached in one shot working over his head.  His arms will notice it later today but for now the cover is back on and the sail is ready to go.

We went to the beach late in the afternoon and enjoyed avocados stuffed with tuna salad for dinner along with some very cold cerveza.  I enjoyed a nice swim in the ocean followed by a short swim in the pool.  The ocean was particularly calm today in spite of the strong Tehuantepec winds that are blowing out in the middle of the gulf.  When we returned to the boat this evening, the internet was up and working.