More Great Restaurants

We went into town yesterday to check in with the port captain and while we were there we checked out the street scene.   The Town is set up for the tourist trade with nice brick-look sidewalks and streets.  The sidewalks in the downtown area are covered with tile roofs and there are several streets that are closed to traffic, allowing the tourists to wander between the many restaurants and shops without car traffic.  Bill and I visited the ATM at one of the banks and across the street was a restaurant specializing in tamales, so there we went to eat an early dinner.  There are many interesting restaurants and we will check out a few during our stay here.


I have been enjoying kayaking each day and visiting with fisherman that are out in the bay tossing their nets as I paddle past.  I spent about an hour swimming under Lanikai with a brush trying to get much of the green fuzz off of her.  Bill is hot and heavy into his computer work and seems to be enjoying it still.

We will check out another restaurant tonight and the beer is cold here too!!