Kayaking again

This morning Bill helped me to get the kayak overboard and I took it for a trip around Isla Sacrificio.  There were occasionally large, viewed from the kayak, swells coming from the south so our anchorage to the north east side of the island is the most protected spot.  We sometimes roll some but it is just a gentle movement.  The Island had some very big waves hitting its southern shore and the many reefs that surround it made for great geysers of water.  There were even some rock arches and a few sprays that looked like blow holes.

Bill spent much of the day working on his computer and I have another good book going that I enjoyed reading much of the afternoon.  I was tired from my first kayak of the season and was not good for much else.  We made pizza for lunch and enjoyed it in the cockpit with a nice light breeze to keep us cool.