Isla Grande

Today we are on the move again.  We traveled 9 miles to anchor off Isla Grande where we will spend only a few nights before continuing our journey north.  We had a few hiccups as we started to get underway.  The anchor chain and snubber line were covered with a thick growth of algae which I brushed off much of as it was slowly brought to the deck but the worst problem was that the GPS would not light up.  Bill spend some time trying to get one of the spares to talk to the radar and nav computer.  Without much luck there he decided to unplug the old boat GPS, clean off the contacts and plug it back in…wa-la it worked.  The passage was in very calm seas and no wind, but we are now into the calm season here and so should have light-to-no winds the rest of our trip to Banderas Bay.  No internet here so it is a good thing that Bill spent the last 5 days making use of an internet café in Zihuatanejo.