Check Out Paperwork Done

Late this morning Bill went up to the office and paid our bill for the extra few days that we have been in the marina and got the needed paperwork from them to take to the port captain.  Bill then got the rest of our papers in order and off to Santa Cruz and the port captain’s office we went.  Soon enough we had our zarpe in hand to travel from Huatulco to Mazatlan.

We then walked the short distance to one of our favorite hang-out restaurants along the beach to enjoy some celebratory beers.  We have the paperwork and can leave tomorrow but there are a few more before-leaving things to accomplish on Lanikai before we head out and the Tihuantepec winds are predicted to continue blowing into Saturday morning so we will probably postpone our leaving until Sunday morning.


Many  of the restaurants have internet and today we spent some time playing with Bill’s iTouch.  I even chatted for a time with my dad using Skype chat.

We whiled away the afternoon at the restaurant visiting with other gringos that were there and walked back to the marina after the sun was low in the sky and it was slightly cooler out.