A Very Rolly Anchorage

Starting Sunday evening we have had the rollers coming into the bay due to the offshore hurricane.  Monday was particularly bad as the breeze from the NW kept us sideways to the swell and Lanikai rolled from side to side.  We opted to spend the day on-board as we did not want to drop the dinghy into the waves and then try to get into it.  Yesterday the rolls were somewhat less and we did go to shore for dinner.  The restaurant that we chose had mostly Italian food and it was quite good.  Three beers later we braved the swells to get the dinghy off the beach and one of the boat boys showed up to help us.  Bill and I have gotten the dinghy to and from the beach in much bigger surf than we had here.  The boat was much less rolly than Monday and except for the bugs that arrived with the offshore breeze we had a good nights sleep.  We have been in rougher anchorages but this was one of the times that I needed to use the offshore pot holders on our gimbaled stove at anchor.  The waves are much less this morning as the storm degrades and moves further away.  Almost back to normal here with the prevalent waves due to the many small boats moving around and entertaining the tourists.