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Isla Grande

Today we are on the move again.  We traveled 9 miles to anchor off Isla Grande where we will spend only a few nights before continuing our journey north.  We had a few hiccups as we started to get underway.  The anchor chain and snubber line were covered with a thick growth of algae which I brushed off much of as it was slowly brought to the deck but the worst problem was that the GPS would not light up.  Bill spend some time trying to get one of the spares to talk to the radar and nav computer.  Without much luck there he decided to unplug the old boat GPS, clean off the contacts and plug it back in…wa-la it worked.  The passage was in very calm seas and no wind, but we are now into the calm season here and so should have light-to-no winds the rest of our trip to Banderas Bay.  No internet here so it is a good thing that Bill spent the last 5 days making use of an internet café in Zihuatanejo.


Last evening Bill and I went ashore to find a nice meal To celebrate Thanksgiving.


We enjoyed a two-course dinner for the occasion.  Starting our with chili rellenos that were very nice we both had a second course of chicken.  The restaurant gave us a desert of fried ice cream.

Bill also took his little computer and found an internet café where he connected it to the internet to download his many mails and to let the folks at UNISYS know that for at least a few days we would have internet access.  The plan is to go ashore each evening until we leave and at least check his mail.

A Very Rolly Anchorage

Starting Sunday evening we have had the rollers coming into the bay due to the offshore hurricane.  Monday was particularly bad as the breeze from the NW kept us sideways to the swell and Lanikai rolled from side to side.  We opted to spend the day on-board as we did not want to drop the dinghy into the waves and then try to get into it.  Yesterday the rolls were somewhat less and we did go to shore for dinner.  The restaurant that we chose had mostly Italian food and it was quite good.  Three beers later we braved the swells to get the dinghy off the beach and one of the boat boys showed up to help us.  Bill and I have gotten the dinghy to and from the beach in much bigger surf than we had here.  The boat was much less rolly than Monday and except for the bugs that arrived with the offshore breeze we had a good nights sleep.  We have been in rougher anchorages but this was one of the times that I needed to use the offshore pot holders on our gimbaled stove at anchor.  The waves are much less this morning as the storm degrades and moves further away.  Almost back to normal here with the prevalent waves due to the many small boats moving around and entertaining the tourists.


This morning early, before the water got to full of wakes from all the vacationers enjoying themselves, I took off in the kayak for a two-hour paddle out to Roca Negro about two miles off.  The water offshore was much calmer than in the bay with long period swells from the southeast.  There were lots and lots of schools of jumpy fish that looked like tuna to me.  I tried to get some movies of them but ended up with lots of picture of the sky as the kayak bobbed in the swell .  I did get a few seconds of the fish as well.

In the late afternoon we dinghied over to the beach and joined the vacationers there.  We watched several girls get pulled into the air under a parachute pulled by a fast speedboat.  They drifted back onshore after a spin around the bay in the air, all landing on their feet.  We found a restaurant on the beach and ordered some cold beers that we enjoyed while watching two small children digging in the sand next to our table.  We eventually ordered some nachos followed by a garlic fish meal.  While we were ashore the swells in the bay picked up so we had a rather wet dinghy launch and a rolly night on Lanikai.  There is an offshore late season hurricane that has raised the sea swell so we will probably have the rollers for a few more days as the system moves further west.  At least with the afternoon onshore breeze we face into the swell so it is not so bad.

Activity on the Water

Yesterday, Saturday, there was lots of activity around us on the water.  We opted to spend the day on board after three days of great dining ashore.  Thursday evening we ate at a nice little restaurant on one of the walking streets and enjoyed a super Mexican “combination” plate.  Bill and I shared the large plate of food that included tostados, enchiladas, a large chunk of beef and a small bowl of beans plus tortillas on the side. Including the four beers that we drank plus the tip, the meal came to $15.50 total for both of us, not a bad deal and the food was real good.


Friday we again enjoyed a meal in town this time picking out a beach side restaurant.  There we enjoyed yummy chili rellenos stuffed with cheese and shrimp and for dessert –  fried ice cream with lots of cinnamon.   There are way more places to eat here than there are tourists to eat in them so we are usually the only clients in the restaurants that we visit and many nearby ones have none at all.

Yesterday we had 70 gallons of diesel delivered to the boat at about $3.50/gallon – not a bad deal and it sure saved Bill’s back from lugging the 5 gallon containers by himself.