Sunny Weather

The rain that has been with us for the last week finally went somewhere else yesterday and today we have nice sun breaks thru the light covering of clouds.  Yesterday was pretty much the same.  Bill continues to spend much time on his computer trying to get everything working before we leave here and lose the internet access. He suffered several days with intestinal problems, so we put boat projects and restaurant visits on hold for a few days but that gave him more time at his computer.

I spent yesterday with a rag and pail of soapy water and finally got the inside of Lanikai all cleaned up again, taking advantage of the fresh water here at the dock.  Bill went off to the propane plant and filled our empty propane bottle.  While we had the propane box on the stern empty, I took a hose to the inside of it cleaning out the last remnants of sanding from the fiberglass repairs that I did while we were in Ecuador several years ago.  Two days ago Bill ran the engine after checking the fuel filters and the zincs in the engine.  All was ok and the engine ran just fine.  This morning before it got too hot, we installed another 12-volt plug in the aft cabin so that we can place a fan outside of our over-the-bed hatch on those sticky hot nights.  It will be very useful when we spend some summer time in the Sea of Cortez.