Rainy Weather

The last few days have been rainy and drizzly due to a tropical low pressure system that moved ashore south of here – in the Tehuantepec area – yesterday.

We continue with the fuel transfer (from aux tank to main tank) in the daytime while we are onboard.  It finally ‘sucked air’ this morning indicating that the lower tank was empty – its a very slow transfer pump.  We have transferred about 55 gallons of fuel from the lower tank, giving us about 182 gallons in the 200 gallon main tank.  No need to stop at a fuel dock here!!!

Tuesday Bill spent some time in the dentist chair getting started on the repair of a badly decayed tooth that has been breaking off parts over the last two years.  It did not bother him, so it was easy to put off the repair. But time is good right now to get it fixed.  Tuesday was all the drilling for a triple-root root canal; he was in the chair a full 2 hours. He has another appointment tomorrow (Friday) and a few next week – then hopefully his tooth will be as good as new.  He has been spending much onboard time getting started on his UNISYS project.  He needs to get things all set up while we have internet.   As flaky as the internet here sometimes is, he says that he is accomplishing much.

Today we walked over to Santa Cruz to visit the immigration office; the markings on our tourist cards were just scribbles and we needed to know how long we have in the country.  It turns out that they could check on the computer and we have until mid-March to play in the warm weather, not that we will stay that long.  While in Santa Cruz, we stopped in at a favorite restaurant and had tuna and shrimp salads for lunch with cold cervezas and ice cream and coffee for desert.

Beer on the Beach

The restaurant was almost empty as we ate. Doreen went for a swim in the sea. By the time we were leaving (about 2PM) other customers were finally arriving.