Only in Mexico

Saturday afternoon we walked over to the nearest beach, about 1/2 mile away, to enjoy some cold beers and a swim in the ocean.  We spent the late afternoon under the shade at the beach side restaurant/bar of a local hotel enjoying cold beers and pico de gallo (a fresh salsa made with just tomatoes, onions, cilantro and picante (hot!) green peppers all finely diced), with chips and nachos.  I went for a swim in the ocean and Bill pulled out his Kindle to read – only to discover it had a dead battery, so we just enjoyed the afternoon together visiting and enjoying the scenery.

While there, a group of jovenes (young 20-somethings) were celebrating the birthday of one of the girls.  The were in the pool just below us, with a birthday cake on the pool-side singing Las Mañanita (the Mexican birthday song).  Their table happened to be right next to ours, so when they returned to the table with the cake we wished the girl a happy birthday.  Then when they cut the cake, two pieces of cake were brought to our table and offered to us!

Today we decided to stay on-board and spend the time to transfer diesel fuel from the lower tank to the main tank while Bill spent time at his computer.  Well, it turned out that the valve was set to take fuel from the main tank so we were just transferring fuel from the bottom of the main tank and sending it back into the top, having gone thru a filter along to way.  Not all bad as we cleaned the fuel from the main tank somewhat but did not transfer very much fuel today.  We did get the valve set to the lower tank correctly and transferred some fuel before we decided to shut it all down for the day.  More fuel transfer tomorrow!