New Batteries

Today Chris with his car took us to the store where he has ordered batteries in the past.  Just so happened that they had 3 group-31 batteries in stock.  They are not the marine/RV batteries but  Bill grabbed them anyhow, as they are the right size to fit in the battery compartment under the companionway stairs.  And the price was good. Chris drove us to an ATM to get the cash and then we returned to the shop and loaded the batteries into his trunk.  We all went out to lunch before returning to the marina.

At the marina, Bill talked to the guard at the gate and soon had a friendly boat boy to bring the new batteries down to Lanikai.  He even hefted them into the cockpit for us.  His fee for service was to cart the old ones away later in the afternoon.   Then our work began: in the heat of the day Bill removed the three batteries and replaced them with the new ones while I tore the boat apart looking for the studs to attach the wires to.  I finally found the studs and then spent some time putting the boat back together while Bill wired in the new batteries.  Bill turned on the solar panels and the batteries started taking a charge, then we added the dock powered charger and they took in more amps but within an hour they were full and quit taking power.  We then removed the two other old batteries that were hiding in the back corner of the engine room so that all five batteries were ready to be hauled off.  And hauled off they were, as the boat boy picked them up gladly right after he got off work; he made good money taking them to be recycled for their lead.

We had had a nice taco lunch at Chris’s favorite taco stand, so I did not feel bad just fixing Top Ramen for dinner.  We both enjoyed it, too tired for much else.