Great Food and Cold Beer

It has been hot here since our return, but it cools down at night.  The mornings are pleasant on Lanikai but by afternoon it gets a little warm down below, so most days we take off walking to a favorite or a new restaurant for lunch and some mid-afternoon cold beer.  We have found a restaurant in Crucecita that has very yummy tamales.  It is right on the plaza in the village so we can people-watch as we visit and eat.  We have also found a fun taco place that serves dozens of different taco fillings along with great fruit drinks.  These places are inland but we also have several favorites on the various nearby beaches where I can even swim if I so desire.  The water here is almost bathtub warm and one of the beaches that we go to has large waves, while the other is almost flat calm.

We spend the early hours of the morning on boat projects and then Bill works on the computer while the internet is usually at its best.  In the evenings it can slow down to almost a standstill and sometimes goes off completely.  He is getting started on his latest UNISYS project trying to get what he needs from the internet before we head out at the end of the month and will only have occasional internet access, if we are lucky!!!

We are enjoying life back onboard.