Freezer Running Again

Sunday, after we got the boat running again on shore power with the battery charger (and two dead but not shorted batteries) we turned on the freezer.  Monday morning I discovered that the thermostat was not making a clean disconnect after the freezer was cold, so we shut it off again and had to wait for a day before it thawed enough to get the old thermostat probe out and a new one installed.  The new thermostat is a proper Danfoss one that we had brought south with us and is designed to run with a cold plate – it leaves the freezer off for a longer time before cooling it down again.  This has caused us to take the last few days to get it set correctly for our use.  Now we need to hit the store and start stocking it with food!

Today we also had a boat boy clean Lanikai’s bottom.  The prop had become a solid ball of barnacles and other growth, but the bottom paint was holding its own against most of the organisms except the barnacles.  There were large areas of the hull that were polka doted with the white barnacles on an otherwise clean paint.

Yesterday Bill emptied out the oven of all the electronic goodies that had been stored there and installed them.  The auto-pilot, depth sounder, GPS, navigation computer and the radar all worked as did the VHF radio and its cockpit mike.  I got the ham radio installed and it even worked on picking up a weather fax thru the TNC into my laptop.