Bill’s Tooth

Soon after we got here Bill went to the dentist to see about getting his broken tooth fixed.  It has not bothered him at all but over the last two years two chunks have broken off of it.  The dentist decided that the tooth was too rotten to just patch, so Bill has had many visits to the dentist.  It is one of his larger molars and the first step was a root canal in all three roots.  This was followed by building up a resin base for a cap; that was constructed for him last week.  Yesterday the cap was installed and on his first bite down the new crown shattered.  The dentist immediately removed it but in the process some of the base broke off!  Bill says it was all very exciting!  Well Bill is back to the dentist today to get a metal post installed and new impressions made so another crown can be constructed for the tooth.  Hopefully it will be better made than the last one; this new one will be all metal, with no ceramic overlay.

We had planned on leaving here early this week, but due to the tooth problems it looks like we will be here thru the end of the week at least.  Hopefully the downed internet will be repaired before then so that we can get some updates installed and mail picked up.