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Bill’s Tooth

Soon after we got here Bill went to the dentist to see about getting his broken tooth fixed.  It has not bothered him at all but over the last two years two chunks have broken off of it.  The dentist decided that the tooth was too rotten to just patch, so Bill has had many visits to the dentist.  It is one of his larger molars and the first step was a root canal in all three roots.  This was followed by building up a resin base for a cap; that was constructed for him last week.  Yesterday the cap was installed and on his first bite down the new crown shattered.  The dentist immediately removed it but in the process some of the base broke off!  Bill says it was all very exciting!  Well Bill is back to the dentist today to get a metal post installed and new impressions made so another crown can be constructed for the tooth.  Hopefully it will be better made than the last one; this new one will be all metal, with no ceramic overlay.

We had planned on leaving here early this week, but due to the tooth problems it looks like we will be here thru the end of the week at least.  Hopefully the downed internet will be repaired before then so that we can get some updates installed and mail picked up.

No Internet

The internet here has been iffy for about a week.  Connection to it comes and goes. Then sometime Wednesday night it went off for good.  So yesterday Bill set up the little computer to take into town to an internet café, but turns out the internet is out more than just at the marina here, but in this whole part of Mexico.  I have started to send out short messages via the ham network which, with the increase in sunspots, seems to be working quite nicely.

Sunny Weather

The rain that has been with us for the last week finally went somewhere else yesterday and today we have nice sun breaks thru the light covering of clouds.  Yesterday was pretty much the same.  Bill continues to spend much time on his computer trying to get everything working before we leave here and lose the internet access. He suffered several days with intestinal problems, so we put boat projects and restaurant visits on hold for a few days but that gave him more time at his computer.

I spent yesterday with a rag and pail of soapy water and finally got the inside of Lanikai all cleaned up again, taking advantage of the fresh water here at the dock.  Bill went off to the propane plant and filled our empty propane bottle.  While we had the propane box on the stern empty, I took a hose to the inside of it cleaning out the last remnants of sanding from the fiberglass repairs that I did while we were in Ecuador several years ago.  Two days ago Bill ran the engine after checking the fuel filters and the zincs in the engine.  All was ok and the engine ran just fine.  This morning before it got too hot, we installed another 12-volt plug in the aft cabin so that we can place a fan outside of our over-the-bed hatch on those sticky hot nights.  It will be very useful when we spend some summer time in the Sea of Cortez.

Rainy Weather

The last few days have been rainy and drizzly due to a tropical low pressure system that moved ashore south of here – in the Tehuantepec area – yesterday.

We continue with the fuel transfer (from aux tank to main tank) in the daytime while we are onboard.  It finally ‘sucked air’ this morning indicating that the lower tank was empty – its a very slow transfer pump.  We have transferred about 55 gallons of fuel from the lower tank, giving us about 182 gallons in the 200 gallon main tank.  No need to stop at a fuel dock here!!!

Tuesday Bill spent some time in the dentist chair getting started on the repair of a badly decayed tooth that has been breaking off parts over the last two years.  It did not bother him, so it was easy to put off the repair. But time is good right now to get it fixed.  Tuesday was all the drilling for a triple-root root canal; he was in the chair a full 2 hours. He has another appointment tomorrow (Friday) and a few next week – then hopefully his tooth will be as good as new.  He has been spending much onboard time getting started on his UNISYS project.  He needs to get things all set up while we have internet.   As flaky as the internet here sometimes is, he says that he is accomplishing much.

Today we walked over to Santa Cruz to visit the immigration office; the markings on our tourist cards were just scribbles and we needed to know how long we have in the country.  It turns out that they could check on the computer and we have until mid-March to play in the warm weather, not that we will stay that long.  While in Santa Cruz, we stopped in at a favorite restaurant and had tuna and shrimp salads for lunch with cold cervezas and ice cream and coffee for desert.

Beer on the Beach

The restaurant was almost empty as we ate. Doreen went for a swim in the sea. By the time we were leaving (about 2PM) other customers were finally arriving.

Only in Mexico

Saturday afternoon we walked over to the nearest beach, about 1/2 mile away, to enjoy some cold beers and a swim in the ocean.  We spent the late afternoon under the shade at the beach side restaurant/bar of a local hotel enjoying cold beers and pico de gallo (a fresh salsa made with just tomatoes, onions, cilantro and picante (hot!) green peppers all finely diced), with chips and nachos.  I went for a swim in the ocean and Bill pulled out his Kindle to read – only to discover it had a dead battery, so we just enjoyed the afternoon together visiting and enjoying the scenery.

While there, a group of jovenes (young 20-somethings) were celebrating the birthday of one of the girls.  The were in the pool just below us, with a birthday cake on the pool-side singing Las Mañanita (the Mexican birthday song).  Their table happened to be right next to ours, so when they returned to the table with the cake we wished the girl a happy birthday.  Then when they cut the cake, two pieces of cake were brought to our table and offered to us!

Today we decided to stay on-board and spend the time to transfer diesel fuel from the lower tank to the main tank while Bill spent time at his computer.  Well, it turned out that the valve was set to take fuel from the main tank so we were just transferring fuel from the bottom of the main tank and sending it back into the top, having gone thru a filter along to way.  Not all bad as we cleaned the fuel from the main tank somewhat but did not transfer very much fuel today.  We did get the valve set to the lower tank correctly and transferred some fuel before we decided to shut it all down for the day.  More fuel transfer tomorrow!