FotoScrap Album 1.9v015

Improvements and Bug fixes …

The major new improvement allows for pictures to be automatically converted to PNG (Portable Network Graphics) format before launching an external photo editor program.  This makes it easy use the transparency layer of PNG files to create non-square images.  A highly requested feature.

Other improvements relate to the handling of missing pictures, moving pictures from one folder to another, keeping track of more “recently opened” Album files.

Serious bug fixes improve the handling of WMV movie files, Exporting a page image to JPG file when there are complicated manipulations of PNG files on the page, fixes to Save As and Publish, and the handling of pictures stored in the same folder as (or a sub-folder of) the Album file itself.

The details are all in the ReadMe file.  And, as always, this is the download link – FotoScrap Album 1.9v015

I hope you enjoy this newest version.  We’ll be heading south again to Lanikai, so there won’t be any new changes for a while.

… Bill …