Another Busy Two Weeks

We have had another busy two weeks both working on our new home and enjoying time at the Brill’s.

We have accomplished most of what we hoped to get done on our new house before we head back to Lanikai and the warm southern Mexican waters.


We moved one of the carport supports and removed another, adding a nice beam for strength.  That gave us added width for parking the car and allowed us to create a nice patio out of the rest of the covered area.  Next summer it is in the plans to concrete the floor of the patio area.



We accomplished much indoors as well.  We removed a coat closet from the dining room giving Doreen space for a new Hoosier cabinet.  We also converted the closets in Bill’s office and Doreen’s sewing room into shelves.  The addition of two new heaters with external thermostats will help to keep the house warm this winter.


Jacob's Birthday

We celebrated Jacob’s Birthday with angel-food cake and strawberries.  One of Grandmother’s favorite foods and Jacob’s too.  Jacob is all excited when he opens his birthday gifts of money as now he has enough money to purchase his own computer.  Grandpa Gord and Jacob got online and ordered one that very evening.



Doug had a fishing trip planned for the Wednesday before Bill and I were to leave for Montana, but when he went to pull the boat out of the garage the wheels on the trailer were locked up.  It took most of the day and some heavy prying to get the problem solved.

Bill and I left for Montana on Thursday August 25 to spend a week with Doreen’s parents.  The time here has been much more relaxing with few projects to do, than the last few weeks at home.  We leave Saturday to make the drive home with two stops along the way.