Tillamook County Fair

Tillamook’s fair was held the end of this week and we attended two days.  Bill took Nicolas to the fair on Thursday and they spent much of the time just checking out the many tractors.  They did take several breaks from the tractors for ice cream and elephant ears and to check out the snakes.



Then on Friday, Emily, Gretchen and Doreen spent several hours serving the Tillamook Ice Cream from the 4-H  booth.


After they finished their shift at the ice cream booth, Bill showed up and we spent some time checking out the fair exhibits until time for the Pig&Ford races – which are a blast to watch.  Stripped down model T Fords are raced with the interesting addition that large youngish pigs are hand-carried by the drivers.  The racers line up the vehicles and turn them off.  At the gun they run across the track on foot to gather a pig from the pen located there.  It is then off to the vehicles to give them a good crank and hope for a quick start.  Then around the track they go with the pig held under their arm.  Returning to the pen area they have to stop the vehicle, exchange the pig for another and make a second lap and then a third lap exchanging pigs at each pass of the pen.  Great fun to watch and it looks like the participants were enjoying it as well.

After the fair the four of us went out to dinner as no one was interested in cooking and we were filled up on “fair food”, so we were looking for a good meal.