First House in 15 years

Last Wednesday we got the keys to our first house in 15 years.  It is a nice older home near the downtown area of Tillamook and, although it is not very large, it sure seems spacious compared to Lanikai – which we have called home for the last 15 years.

new house 2

Living on the boat that long has left us with little furniture (or even household items) but some came with the house, and a big shopping trip to the local Fred Meyer’s gave us more of the essentials.


New House 4

After two nights sleeping on the floor, Bill purchased the material and constructed a bed platform for our new mattress.  We bought one of the “memory foam” mattresses and so far we think it is great.


new house 3

The inside is quite livable now and we have started work on the outside.  Bill spent two long and hard days removing a large wheelchair ramp to the back door that blocked the direct passage from the workshop from the house.  Now we are digging fence post holes to separate out two stalls of the three stall carport so that we have an outdoor undercover sitting area.  It rains enough here that the cover will be nice.  The car can still be under cover in the third stall.