Emily turns 14

Granddaughter Emily’s birthday on July 15 coincided with the opening of the final Harry Potter movie.  Grandpa and I thought that going into Portland to watch the movie in 3-D would be a treat so we picked up tickets long ago for the show.  We left here at 9:30PM with Emily and a group of her friends(her mom was thankfully with us too).  We drove the almost-two-hours to the theater in a van that Gretchen had borrowed from a friend.  When we arrived there were lines and lines of people waiting to get into the theater.  Our tickets were for one of the early after midnight showings, so after checking the lines and discovering no spot for us we walked into the theater and Bill convinced them to let us in.  The show was great and needs at least another viewing or two to catch everything that was happening on screen.

We did not get home after dropping off most of Emily’s friends, and picking up our car at the Brill’s, until 5AM.  Bill and I both slept in quite late in the morning as we needed to be bright and cheery in the late afternoon for the family Birthday celebration.  Most of the Brill side of the family showed up and we enjoyed a nice dinner with them while sitting by their fire outside… well, until the rains came again.  Today had been one of the first dry days in awhile and it just could not stay dry all day here.  Finally late in the evening Doug’s sister and family made it thru the traffic and arrived.


By then there was enough water falling from the sky that the festivities had moved inside.





Emily received her specially decorated cake with not quite enough candles (yet!) to be a fire hazard, maybe in a few more years.



The cake and ice cream was enjoyed by all the children and the adults as well.



A sleepy Emily then opened her gifts.  The big box contained a fancy hanging light from her sister.  The blue globe was actually constructed by Alexa as well.  All in all it was a fun – although very long – day and hopefully one that brought joy to one of our special granddaughters.