Visit with Grace


Bill and I drove out this morning to visit with Grace and see Leanne and Tyler’s home.  It is in the middle of wheat fields that they farm with Tyler’s family.  There was a great view of Mount Hood from the fields on the way in.


So we had to stop so that I could get a photo.

Grace was sleeping in the car when we arrived having fallen asleep when Leanne had to drive off somewhere but she soon woke up.


We went inside to their nicely remodeled old farm house but I was so busy watching Grace play that I forgot to take photos of much more than just Grace.


I did not even get many photos of Grace as she was such a kick to watch with her toys on the floor.

We stayed out there several hours before returning into town.  There were lots of interesting goodies to see at the old farmstead, especially for an antique buff like me and Tyler and Leanne have done a real nice job of modernizing the home.