Sometimes Busy Week

Wednesday already so time to let everyone know what we have been up to this past week.

The Brill’s have gotten started on projects as the rain here in Tillamook has cut back (not gone but much less) and there have even been some sunny days.


The dogs and cats now have a door of their own to come and go.


Jacob did his first lawn mowing both the large front and large back lawns were cut by him last week.


Doug has been building a zip line for the children’s enjoyment and big progress has been made on that project.  It is now almost ready to install the wire.



The small back porch/laundry room’s floor was repaired and much dry rotted wood removed then the door was sealed off.  This will allow the room to be converted into a pantry with the washer and dryer and the space used much more efficiently.


Another ongoing project is the adding of yet more faucets for irrigation.  The trench is now dug and we even managed to find the existing pipe running to the chicken house to attach into.  Hopefully today or tomorrow the pipes will be laid and the hole buried.

Bill and I are still in the paper stage of our “new” home purchase but all may finish next week and we will have our own place to live in when we visit in Tillamook.