Fishing and Father’s Day

Friday was a beautiful day here in Tillamook and out on the ocean.  I went out halibut fishing with Doug and Nicolas and it was a lucky day.  Nicolas hooked 6 fish while jigging off the bottom.  Only one of them got away, but three were very small and were sent back swimming to do some more growing.  Nicolas brought in the first of the keepers and it brought a big smile to his face.  He also hooked the ‘big one’ but it was very large and took Doug over 2 hours to get him onboard.  It also took the efforts of all three of us to raise the anchor, reel in the fish and finally follow the fish with the boat.  Doug did succeed at getting the 60 lb. whopper on board and we enjoyed fresh fish tacos for dinner that night.


Doug, with the two fish and the cleaned product.  Gretchen and I froze most of the meat and there was still plenty for dinner.

Saturday we celebrated Father’s Day at the Brill’s.  Doug used his new barbeque to cook up the last of last year’s tuna along with potatoes, zucchini and special stuffed peppers.  Doug and Gretchen had some friends over to enjoy the occasion.


We all enjoyed the food, eating a bit more than necessary as there was plenty. It was delicious although this batch of stuffed peppers were rather picante.

Sunday Bill and I went over to Ginger’s house for a lasagna dinner.  Bill spent a bit of special time with Mauricio while Ginger and I went clothes shopping.  We had an enjoyable time in the store and returned in plenty of time to get the meal fixed.


Ginger is an early-to-bed person so we returned to the Brill’s in time to enjoy a wine with Doug.  All in all it was a very nice, fun weekend.