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Sometimes Busy Week

Wednesday already so time to let everyone know what we have been up to this past week.

The Brill’s have gotten started on projects as the rain here in Tillamook has cut back (not gone but much less) and there have even been some sunny days.


The dogs and cats now have a door of their own to come and go.


Jacob did his first lawn mowing both the large front and large back lawns were cut by him last week.


Doug has been building a zip line for the children’s enjoyment and big progress has been made on that project.  It is now almost ready to install the wire.



The small back porch/laundry room’s floor was repaired and much dry rotted wood removed then the door was sealed off.  This will allow the room to be converted into a pantry with the washer and dryer and the space used much more efficiently.


Another ongoing project is the adding of yet more faucets for irrigation.  The trench is now dug and we even managed to find the existing pipe running to the chicken house to attach into.  Hopefully today or tomorrow the pipes will be laid and the hole buried.

Bill and I are still in the paper stage of our “new” home purchase but all may finish next week and we will have our own place to live in when we visit in Tillamook.

Fishing and Father’s Day

Friday was a beautiful day here in Tillamook and out on the ocean.  I went out halibut fishing with Doug and Nicolas and it was a lucky day.  Nicolas hooked 6 fish while jigging off the bottom.  Only one of them got away, but three were very small and were sent back swimming to do some more growing.  Nicolas brought in the first of the keepers and it brought a big smile to his face.  He also hooked the ‘big one’ but it was very large and took Doug over 2 hours to get him onboard.  It also took the efforts of all three of us to raise the anchor, reel in the fish and finally follow the fish with the boat.  Doug did succeed at getting the 60 lb. whopper on board and we enjoyed fresh fish tacos for dinner that night.


Doug, with the two fish and the cleaned product.  Gretchen and I froze most of the meat and there was still plenty for dinner.

Saturday we celebrated Father’s Day at the Brill’s.  Doug used his new barbeque to cook up the last of last year’s tuna along with potatoes, zucchini and special stuffed peppers.  Doug and Gretchen had some friends over to enjoy the occasion.


We all enjoyed the food, eating a bit more than necessary as there was plenty. It was delicious although this batch of stuffed peppers were rather picante.

Sunday Bill and I went over to Ginger’s house for a lasagna dinner.  Bill spent a bit of special time with Mauricio while Ginger and I went clothes shopping.  We had an enjoyable time in the store and returned in plenty of time to get the meal fixed.


Ginger is an early-to-bed person so we returned to the Brill’s in time to enjoy a wine with Doug.  All in all it was a very nice, fun weekend.

House Purchase

Yesterday Bill and I made an offer on a cute older home and late in the evening we got word that our offer was accepted!!  Today we spent several hours in the loan office, signing papers to get that part of the process started.  All is scheduled to close on July 15 and we will again be owners of a real house.

New House

The house is a nice two bedroom home downstairs with another two rooms up in the funny upstairs addition.  One of the upper rooms is very light and will make a nice sewing room.  The house also has a nice workshop/laundry room along the back side of the three car carport.  We plan on using the part of the carport closest to the house as a patio.  It is undercover from the frequent rains.  There is very little yard to maintain, but what is there is well landscaped.  The front porch has been enclosed into a nice sun room.

Lunch with Ginger

Today we went over to Ginger’s house and she fixed a nice finger-food lunch for us.  We took Nicolas with us so that he and Mauricio could play while we adults visited.   They spent much time playing with their Beyblades out on the patio.  The morning had started out sunny but by the time we arrived at Ginger’s in the early afternoon it was raining, so the children could not go to the school yard next door.

sandbox fun

When they got tired of the Beyblades they moved on to the sand box and built several mountains and used the nice little trucks to move the wet sand around.

Halibut Fishing


Early fishing day today.  Doug took his boat out today to go halibut fishing by anchoring in his favorite spot and hoping that the bait smell would bring the fish in.


It sure seemed to work: we actually got two good size fish onboard and had many more bites that just did not stay on the hook.  It was a fun day, but rather cool and cloudy most of the time we were out.  The sun made its appearance just as we were upping the anchor to return to shore.

Alexa’s dance recital was in the afternoon and we made it in in time for Doug to clean and freeze the catch and still get to the recital in time.   The recital lasted about two hours and was quite enjoyable and Alexa did a wonderful job of dancing with her ballet and jazz groups.