Made it to Montana

We arrived at Doreen’s parents house late this morning after spending the night in Salt Lake city due to missing our connection to Bozeman.  The plane out of Mexico City was about 45 minutes late leaving the gate hence we arrived too late into Salt Lake City to get thru immigration, customs and make the flight on to Bozeman.  Being Tuesday there was not a later flight so we got put up in a hotel for the night and flew on this morning.

Our last week in Huatulco was a very hot humid one.  We did manage to sleep on Lanikai by setting a fan in the hatch over our heads to blow on us all night.  We worked on the boat in the early mornings but by 10 it was already too hot to do much so we rested and read the day away.  Our neighbors did take us out for a couple of really fun drives to show us around the area.  Hopefully we left Lanikai with enough lines and chafing protection on the lines so that they last thru the summer. 

Monday after getting Lanikai closed up we taxied into Crucecitas and found a nice air conditioned hotel room for the night.  Tuesday morning we continued on to the air port to start our journey north.  Flying is much faster than sailing.