A Week in Montana

We have been here visiting with my parents here in Bozeman for almost a week now.  My parents seem to be doing well considering that my mother is mentally failing.


Dad has decided that he wants to stay in this house in a town where he knows his way around.  Of course, most of their children want their mom and dad  to move out their way, so that they can help, but both parents are most comfortable with what they know.  Bill and I are trying to help them accomplish this.   Dad visited the Senior Center yesterday and signed up to have a “senior lady” come and sit with Mom one afternoon a week to give Dad a chance to have some time for himself and play golf with his friends.  There are  some other options that may give dad some more free afternoons; dad will pursue these as he feels the need, once this first one is working.

Bill and I have had some enjoyable times with my folks and we are enjoying the slowness here.  Bill purchased a car so now we have “wheels.”  We plan on being around here for another week before we drive west to visit family and friends in The Dalles and then on to Tillamook.