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Spokane, Washington

Bill and I left my parents in Montana late this morning and drove I-90 thru Montana and Idaho (only 1 hour to pass thru that state) stopping in Spokane for the night.  It was the first sunny day since our arrival into the States, but as we approached the mountains that separate Montana from Idaho we were dumped on by several short rain showers.  We arrived into Spokane around 4 in the afternoon here although we gained an hour when we crossed into Idaho.  It was a very pretty drive thru the mountains and still some snow along the road near Lookout Pass.  Tomorrow we continue on to The Dalles driving thru the wheat fields of eastern Washington and Oregon.

A Week in Montana

We have been here visiting with my parents here in Bozeman for almost a week now.  My parents seem to be doing well considering that my mother is mentally failing.


Dad has decided that he wants to stay in this house in a town where he knows his way around.  Of course, most of their children want their mom and dad  to move out their way, so that they can help, but both parents are most comfortable with what they know.  Bill and I are trying to help them accomplish this.   Dad visited the Senior Center yesterday and signed up to have a “senior lady” come and sit with Mom one afternoon a week to give Dad a chance to have some time for himself and play golf with his friends.  There are  some other options that may give dad some more free afternoons; dad will pursue these as he feels the need, once this first one is working.

Bill and I have had some enjoyable times with my folks and we are enjoying the slowness here.  Bill purchased a car so now we have “wheels.”  We plan on being around here for another week before we drive west to visit family and friends in The Dalles and then on to Tillamook.

Made it to Montana

We arrived at Doreen’s parents house late this morning after spending the night in Salt Lake city due to missing our connection to Bozeman.  The plane out of Mexico City was about 45 minutes late leaving the gate hence we arrived too late into Salt Lake City to get thru immigration, customs and make the flight on to Bozeman.  Being Tuesday there was not a later flight so we got put up in a hotel for the night and flew on this morning.

Our last week in Huatulco was a very hot humid one.  We did manage to sleep on Lanikai by setting a fan in the hatch over our heads to blow on us all night.  We worked on the boat in the early mornings but by 10 it was already too hot to do much so we rested and read the day away.  Our neighbors did take us out for a couple of really fun drives to show us around the area.  Hopefully we left Lanikai with enough lines and chafing protection on the lines so that they last thru the summer. 

Monday after getting Lanikai closed up we taxied into Crucecitas and found a nice air conditioned hotel room for the night.  Tuesday morning we continued on to the air port to start our journey north.  Flying is much faster than sailing.

Mexico, Land of Good Beer

It took us two days but we did get checked in to the country.


Since then we have been enjoying the great food and good beer of the country.  We spend most mornings working on Lanikai, getting her ready so that we can leave her in the marina for a while, but by late morning the humidity and heat get to us – so we head off to a beach-side restaurant for beers and sometimes a nice meal.


The water is quite nice and warm for swimming as well.


We moved the short distance to Marina Chahue in Huatulco, Mexico, and were tied up to the dock by 9AM.  There were lots of helpers on the dock to catch our lines and we ended up tied to our port side.  They also ran lines to the starboard finger to keep us off the dock in case of big swells.

Immigration soon showed up and checked us part way in… we need to walk to their office to finish the check in procedure after the paperwork with all the other offices is done, but they needed to check the boat for unlisted passengers; of course, we had none.

While we were waiting for other officials to arrive, Bill and I got the dinghy overboard so we could get the wind scoop up and we got one of the solar panels re-installed on the stern and the stern shade up (all things to make it more comfortable on board).  Bill also made copies of documents so that we would be ready for the next official.

Agriculture arrived next and checked out our food supplies, dried beans, rice, oatmeal and the items in our freezer and refrigerator.   All was deemed ok.

We are still waiting for Customs and the Port Captain and can not leave the boat until they finish.  It is now lunch time so it will probably be late this afternoon before we see them.   Paperwork may not get completed until tomorrow.